Car park in the Alfred-Lechler-Straße closed

The car park in the Alfred-Lechler-Straße, opposite the FIS Primary School and next to the Taunus Information Centre, will be closed between 18th and 20th February, 2013, to allow for tree felling work to take place.

The trees are being removed to allow the car park to be expanded to 110 spaces – almost double the current capacity.

What will happen to these trees at the swimming pool car park?

Oberursel needs a new swimming pool – I think most people in the town would agree on that.

And although they may not have agreed on how to finance it in the past, the current plan is to sell off the current car park as building land.

Again, most people would probably agree with that.  If only it wasn’t for these trees:

Swimming pool car park - panorama photo

 (Click to enlarge)

The trees form a border between the current houses along the Altkönigstraße and the car park, and in the Bebauungsplan (Nr. 218) only the part of the row to the right of the photo is set to remain. [Read more…]

From the town council: Childcare costs and other news

Protests on the Rathausplatz before the town council meeting

Protests on the Rathausplatz

The town council (Stadtverordnetenversammlung) this week started an hour earlier than usual to the sound of protests outside the Rathaus from local parents and the party “Die Linke” in connection with the rise in childcare costs in the town.

It was this increase in costs that had been discussed at such length at the previous sitting of the council and the proposals on the table this week were pretty much the ones that had been presented to parents mid-June.

And despite the fact that a sub-committee had already debated the latest proposals and even the parents that had were present at that meeting had had a chance to put their point of view, a further debate ensued in the council meeting with each party putting forward their arguments – again. [Read more…]

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