Why pay for things that no-one uses?

Why does the local district that Oberursel belongs to, the Hochtaunuskreis pay into a culture fund that does not benefit the area? That is the question currently being asked by the „Freie Wähler Hochtaunus“ (FWG, which roughly translates as the association of independent voters).

They claim that each year Hochtaunuskreis pays hundreds of thousands of Euro into a fund called the „Kulturfond RheinMain“ and to other institutions, although no evidence exists that they either benefit the Hochtaunuskreis area or are used by people living there.

As savings have to be made to the district budget, they are calling for the district council (Kreistag) to stop those payments and cancel their membership of the funds and institutions accordingly.

However the parties who hold the majority in the council, the CDU and SPD, have not taken this suggestion on board, leading to the FWG claiming that the tax payer is supporting „prestige objects“. They also point out that there are even mayors in the district who belong to those parties, who support the idea, although this may come as no surprise as at the end of the day it is the local towns who foot the bill through their „Kreisumlage“, a contribution that they have to make to the district budget.

Their motion in the district parliament on 4th March, 2013, was defeated by the other parties in the council.  They did, however, agree to reduce the share that the district has in the fund.

When independents join forces…

The members of the district parliaments in Hochtaunuskreis, Main-Kinzig-Kreis and Main-Taunus-Kreis who represent the „Freie Wähler“ (Independent voters) in those districts have agreed to work closer together.

They met in Oberursel on 27th February, 2013, to discuss which topics affect all of them in similar ways. These included their district budgets, health care and broadband.

The contributions to culture funds in Hochtaunuskreis were discussed, as was the problem of the communities near to Frankfurt who have to shoulder the burden of local infrastructure for commuters without receiving any of the corporate tax that the companies pay to the city.

On the subject of broadband coverage, they want the local districts to be more pro-active so that companies and freelancers do not leave remote areas because of their poor internet connection.

The group plans to meet regularly in future.

Freie Wähler Rhein-Main

Members of the local district councils: Jürgen Heim (Langenselbold), Renzo Sechi (Friedrichsdorf), Ivaloo Schölzel (Kelkheim), Hellwig Herber (Grävenwiesbach), Karl-Heinz Spengler (Hattersheim), Bernd Fuchs (Eppstein), Heinz Breitenbach (Linsengericht), Marcus Kinkel (Schmitten), Dr. Christoph Müllerleile (Oberursel), Hartmut Haibach (Weilrod) and Herbert Bien (Jossgrund). Photo supplied by Freie Wähler Hochtaunuskreis

Carnival Procession 2013: Hochtaunuskreis

Hochtaunuskreis - LR Komiteewagen in the Henchenstrasse

Hochtaunuskreis – LR Komiteewagen in the Henchenstrasse

Have you received your polling cards?

Oberursel RathausAn election for the Landrat in Hochtaunuskreis is taking place on Sunday, 22nd January 2012.

All German and EU citizens who have been living in the Kreis since 22nd October 2011 and are 18 or over are eligible to vote and by now should have received their polling cards.

Anyone in Oberursel who has not received theirs but believes they are eligible should contact the Einwohnermeldeamt in the Rathaus.

Postal ballots can be applied for until 20th January at 1pm using the form on the reverse side of the polling card, or using the town’s website.

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