How Oberursel wants to save money on culture

It is no secret that Oberursel needs to save money in order to balance its books, and the culture budget was already reduced in 2013.

Now the town is making plans on how to save even more money in 2014.

In fact, they want to save at least an additional €100,000, so to do this the town’s social and cultural committee along with the charity responsible for organising or sponsoring many of the events (KSfO) have been trying to find a way of reducing the amount the spend by either finding sponsors for events, making them smaller or cancelling them altogether. [Read more…]

Why Oberursel needs to have a culture of making savings

Oberursel’s town council may have approved the 2013 budget last December, including a range of tax increases and cuts in services, but the council obviously does not have the last say in the matter, because since then the town has been waiting for it to be approved by local government regulators.

That approval arrived last week and allows the town to move forward on projects such as the new traffic lights for the Frankfurter Landstraße.  But it is coupled with a series of restrictions in place not only for the current year, but for future budgets as well.

It is expected that the town: [Read more…]

Why pay for things that no-one uses?

Why does the local district that Oberursel belongs to, the Hochtaunuskreis pay into a culture fund that does not benefit the area? That is the question currently being asked by the „Freie Wähler Hochtaunus“ (FWG, which roughly translates as the association of independent voters).

They claim that each year Hochtaunuskreis pays hundreds of thousands of Euro into a fund called the „Kulturfond RheinMain“ and to other institutions, although no evidence exists that they either benefit the Hochtaunuskreis area or are used by people living there.

As savings have to be made to the district budget, they are calling for the district council (Kreistag) to stop those payments and cancel their membership of the funds and institutions accordingly.

However the parties who hold the majority in the council, the CDU and SPD, have not taken this suggestion on board, leading to the FWG claiming that the tax payer is supporting „prestige objects“. They also point out that there are even mayors in the district who belong to those parties, who support the idea, although this may come as no surprise as at the end of the day it is the local towns who foot the bill through their „Kreisumlage“, a contribution that they have to make to the district budget.

Their motion in the district parliament on 4th March, 2013, was defeated by the other parties in the council.  They did, however, agree to reduce the share that the district has in the fund.

Kinderkulturnacht – A night of culture for Children

Kinderkulturnacht Flyer 2012In celebration of Universal Children’s Day (Weltkindertag) the town’s children’s office (Kinderbüro) has joined forces with the culture and sport supports’ club and the Lions club to create the a night of culture for Children at locations around the market square in Oberursel on Friday, 21st September, 2012.

The evening beings at 6pm at the market (Marktplatz) with the official opening by the clown-duo “Spunk”.  After that there are Zumba sessions, fire-breathing workshops, a children’s musical and a balloon release, with face painting, badge making and stilt walking going on as well.

At the town’s library, next to the market square, where the film “Der rote Ballon” (The Red Balloon) will be shown and there will creative things to do.

The primary school “Grundschule Mitte” will be holding a “black light disco” and in the courtyard of the Vortaunusmuseum a story teller will be taking children into the fantastic world of the Arabian Nights. [Read more…]

Mayor presented with medal for Polish culture and heritage

Ilse Schwarz-Schiller, Hans-Georg Brum and Jolanta Róża Kozłowska at the presentation ceremony

Ilse Schwarz-Schiller (Chairperson of the Chopin Gesellschaft Taunus), Hans-Georg Brum (Mayor) and Jolanta Róża Kozłowska (Polish Consul) at the presentation ceremony

The Mayor of Oberursel Hans-Georg Brum has been presented with the medal of the Polish minister for culture and national heritage.  The medal is awarded to those who have made a special contribution to Polish culture.  The current Polish minister Bogdan Zdrojewski awarded the medal to Hans-Georg Brum for his services in popularising the music of the composer Frédéric Chopin.  It was presented by the Polish Consul in Germany, Jolanta Róża Kozłowska.

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