November: Volunteer pilots completed their training

Walter Beddies, Wolfgang Börner, Sabine Frischkorn, Staatsminister Axel Wintermeyer, Margit Fell, Jürgen Scheller, Albrecht Weisgerber (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

They are known as “pilots” – Lotsen – because they guide people who want to volunteer towards the organisations that need them, just as a pilot guides a ship.

The photo shows minister Axel Wintermeyer (3rd from left) with the Oberursel “pilots” Walter Beddies, Wolfgang Börner, Sabine Frischkorn, Margit Fell, Jürgen Scheller and Albrecht Weisgerber on completion of their training.

Oberursel’s new network of volunteers

One of the problems that many clubs and charities face is finding new members and volunteers to keep them running.  This is often put down to the fact that there are so many of them that those that want to do something are spread more thinly among them, but there are other factors as well, such as a change of lifestyle and flexible working times, meaning that many who would like to volunteer their services want to do so without making long-term commitments.

This was something that become obvious in Oberursel last year during the Hessentag when a large number of residents volunteered to help for certain times during the 10 days that the event ran for.

Recognising this, the town set up the “Netzwerk Bürgerengagement” – a network to bring people who would like to volunteer to do something short-term with organisations looking for volunteers.  And on Saturday morning the network’s new office in the Georg-Hieronymi-Saal (Oberhöchstädter Str. 7) was officially opened. [Read more…]

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