€2,500 for the Ehrenmal restoration project

More than 2,500 Euro were raised on “Volkstrauertag” – the German equivalent of Remembrance Sunday – by a concert held in the Christuskirche Church to support the restoration of the “Ehrenmal” – the war memorial dedicated to those from Oberursel who lost their lives in the First World War.

Before the concert got underway, the manager of the Ursella-Foundation, Dr. Justus Förschner, explained the current state of the monument, which has been stabilised by filling the hollow base and column with cement.  He also went into detail of why it will take some time for the pieces of the mosaic to be re-applied, work that is to be undertaken by a special company from Eppstein (Matthias Steyer).  He believes that the work will be finished by the spring of next year. [Read more…]

Bahnhofsfest: Handing over the Key

Handing over the key to the new tennants at the Bahnhofsfest

Dr. Justus Förschner (SEWO) handing over the key to the new tenants of the station building at the Bahnhofsfest in Oberursel on Saturday, 26th May, 2012

Bahnhofsfest: Hans-Georg Brum and Dr. Justus Förschner

Hans-Georg Brum and Dr. Justus Förschner open the Bahnhofsfest in Oberursel

Mayor Hans-Georg Brum (2nd from left) and Dr. Justus Förschner (SEWO, left) open the Bahnhofsfest in Oberursel on Saturday, 26th May, 2012.  In the Background are Brunnenkönigin Vanessa I. and Brunnenmeister Harry Hecker.

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