Pia I. is the new Fountain Queen

The new Fountain Queen was crowned in the Stadthalle in Oberursel on Saturday, 23rd March, 2019.

The evening started with a look back at the year 2009, in which Isabelle I. was the Fountain Queen, and together with her Brunnenmeister Uwe she talked about her experiences 10 year ago. [Read more…]

Carnival 2019: Brunnenkönigin Anna-Lena I. & Brunnenmeister Herbert

Brunnenkönigin Anna-Lena I. & Brunnenmeister Herbert - Taunus-Karnevalszug 2019

Nadine I. crowned Fountain Queen

Saturday, 9th April, 2016 saw the end Christina II.’s reign as Oberursel’s Fountain Queen (Brunnenkönigin).

The evening started with live music from the group “Natürlich 3”, before the guests were welcomed by Hessische Rundfunk presenter Tim Frühling.  In an unprecedented move he welcomed the future queen, Nadine I., who was sitting in the audience.  This is the first year that the name has been revealed publicly in advance.

And it was Nadine’s taste in music that influenced the next act.  Singer Anjuschka Uher sang the winning title from the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest: “Euphoria”.  Later it was the turn of Stierstadt’s firebrigade band to play one last time for Christina before her farewell speech. [Read more…]

The of end Christina II.’s year as Fountain Queen

With just a few days of her reign left, Fountain Queen Christina II. and her Brunnenmeister Jürgen visited the town hall in Oberursel, where they were thanked for their work representing the town by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and Town Treasurer Thorsten Schorr.

“It was a lovely time” commented Hans-Georg Brum, but continued that everything had to come to an end.  He was keen to highlight the difference between Christina and Jürgen, that they where completely opposite in their approach to things, but this mixture had fitted well together. [Read more…]

Carnival 2015: Fountain Queen Carolyn II. with Harald

Fountain Queen Carolyn II. with her Brunnenmeister Harald pass through the Henchenstrasse during the carnival procession on Sunday, 15th February, 2015

Fountain Queen Carolyn II. with her Brunnenmeister Harald pass through the Henchenstrasse during the carnival procession on Sunday, 15th February, 2015

Annabel ‘s year as the Fountain Queen

As Annabel I.’s reign as the fountain queen of Oberursel comes to an end tonight when her successor is crowned, she took time this week to reflect on her year in office.

She said it had been a year of highlights, and listed one after another.  She has spent a lot of her year visiting the clubs and charities in the town – at total of 96!  She also had a lot of luck with the weather for most of those visits, with probably the worst downpour taking place during her own fountain festival (“Brunnenfest”).

She has also represented the town away from home, such as at a recording of the “Hessenquiz” show, in Hessen’s parliament chamber and even on an adventurous weekend in France. [Read more…]

Annabel I. crowned Fountain Queen

“The Queen is dead – long live the Queen!” might not have been the most subtle way of telling Vanessa I. that her reign as Fountain Queen (Brunnenkönigin) had come to an end, but it was with these words that Charmaine Weisenbach took the coronation ceremony from a carnival atmosphere back to the middle ages.

The evening had started with a performance of “We want to entertain you” by members of the “Academy of Stage Arts”, and entertain us they did with performances of hits like “Voulez Vos coucher avec moi” and “Time Warp”, but it was the topical performances by two completely different groups of performers that signalled the end of Vanessa’s year and the start of her successors, with Annabel’s identify being kept for almost the first two hours.

To see Vanessa off, the “Garde” (similar to majorettes) of the Bommersheim Carnival Club (BCV) performed one piece after another, starting with the youngest children and going from one age group to the next.

Before long, it was time for Vanessa to hold her last speech as Fountain Queen.  As ever, she spoke in rhyme.  “Nun vorbei ist meine Zeit, die neue Königin steht bereit” she concluded (my time is over, the new Queen is standing by). [Read more…]

Carnival Procession 2013: BCV

(Click to enlarge)

Oberursel Wine Festival

Brunnenkoenigin Vanessa I. with Brunnenmeister Harry Hecker at the opening of the wine festival

Brunnenkönigin (Fountain Queen) Vanessa I. with Brunnenmeister Harry Hecker at the opening of the 12th Rheingau Wine Festival in Oberursel.

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Brunnenfest: Fountain Queens with their Assistants Past and Present

Fountain Queens past and present with their assitants at the Marienbrunnen

Fountain Queens past and present with their assistants at the Marienbrunnen

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