Pia I. is the new Fountain Queen

The new Fountain Queen was crowned in the Stadthalle in Oberursel on Saturday, 23rd March, 2019.

The evening started with a look back at the year 2009, in which Isabelle I. was the Fountain Queen, and together with her Brunnenmeister Uwe she talked about her experiences 10 year ago.

Then it was Anna-Lena I.’s turn to take to the stage, remove her crown and hand over her sceptre.  Looking back on her year as Queen, she told the audience about the 140 appointments that she had had, in particular last summer when the weather had been so good.  She highlighted the her coronation, the Fountain Festival, visiting the Hessentag in Korbach, visiting Rushmoor, and celebrating the 66th anniversary of her carnival club and 1200 years of Weißkirchen.  After her speech, her dancing troupe took to the stage, and she donned a cape and joined them, still in eveningwear.

Following this, it was Thomas Poppitz’s turn to continue his history of the Fountain Festival, this year covering the years 1993 to 1995 with the Queens Marion II., Claudia I. and Christine II.  Marion II. coincidentally was a member of the same carnival club that Pia I. belongs to, and 1993 saw 150,000 visitors come to the festival, part of which was transmitted live by the local television station.  Claudia I. was a member of the fire brigade in Oberstedten, but her fountain can be found in the grounds of the Siedlungslehrhof near Camp King, technically part of Oberstedten.  And 1995 saw the introduction of the Kindermeile at the festival, which saw an amazing 300,000 visitors in total, partially due to another festival in Bad Homburg on the same weekend being cancelled.

After Jean-Pathic’s performance of “The Hat Man” it was time for Pia I. to arrive.  Pia Oberreich, who was accompanied by her daughter Anna and Brunnenmeister Mathias Mechler, is 31 years old and is a member of the carnival club in Stierstadt (“CV Stierstadt”), which she joined at the age of 5.  When not in regalia, she works as a qualified painter and varnisher.

And after a performance by the dancers of the CV Stierstadt, it Pia and Mathias’ turn to take to the dance floor for their first dance of the evening.

Pia I. and Mathias


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