Alfred-Delp-Fountain finally inaugurated

It was two years later than planned, but on Saturday, 11th June, 2022, Fountain Queen Verena I. was finally able to officially inaugurate her fountain at the Alfred-Delp-Haus in Oberursel.

The fountain, which is in the middle of the complex, has step-free access, allowing the residents with mobility problems a chance to cool off in the summer or just sit on one of the stones and enjoy the sunshine.

Brunnenkönigin Verena I. and Brunnenmeister Andreas inaugurate the Alfred-Delp-Fountain in Oberursel on Saturday, 11th June, 2022.

Designed by architects Axel and Maria Werner-Niemetz, the fountain was actually installed in 2014 when the courtyard was being refurbished. It is destined to become a unique fountain in Oberursel in another way as well: the plaque on the stone shows the current year, 2022, even though the accompanying badges and porcelain shows 2020, the year Verena started her tenure as Fountain Queen.

Pia I. is the new Fountain Queen

The new Fountain Queen was crowned in the Stadthalle in Oberursel on Saturday, 23rd March, 2019.

The evening started with a look back at the year 2009, in which Isabelle I. was the Fountain Queen, and together with her Brunnenmeister Uwe she talked about her experiences 10 year ago. [Read more…]

Carnival 2019: Brunnenkönigin Anna-Lena I. & Brunnenmeister Herbert

Brunnenkönigin Anna-Lena I. & Brunnenmeister Herbert - Taunus-Karnevalszug 2019

St.Crutzen Fountain inaugurated

This morning, Saturday, 26th May, 2018, the St.Crutzen-Brunnen in Weißkirchen, located in a courtyard next to the church, was inaugurated by Fountain Queen Anna-Lena I. and her Brunnenmeister Herbert, who were accompanied by a number of their predecessors.

The fountain was originally inaugurated on 30th May 1999, but only now has it been dedicated to one of the Fountain Queens. The large sphere represents the Universe.

Anna-Lena I. inaugurating the St.Crutzen Fountain in Weisskirchen on Saturday, 26th May, 2018

Previous Fountain Queens with their Brunnenmeisters at the St.Crutzen Fountain on Saturday, 26th May, 2018.

The St.Crutzen-Fountain at the Inauguration on Saturday, 26th May, 2018

Ann-Kathrin I. is the new Fountain Queen

Oberursel’s new Fountain Queen (Brunnenkönigin) is Ann-Kathrin I., who was crowned along with her Brunnenmeister Rainer at a ceremony in Oberursel’s Stadthalle on 1st April, 2017.

Ann-Kathrin I., who normally goes by the name of Ann-Katrin Kofler, is 24 years old and lives in Oberstedten and works as a surveyor.  Rainer Böhrig is 64 years old and a retired post office official.

The fact that she comes from Oberstedten is particularly relevant this year,  [Read more…]

Urselbachbrunnen inaugurated

The “Urselbachbrunnen” – a fountain in the grounds of the care home “Haus am Urselbach” was inaugurated by Fountain Queen Nadine I. on Saturday, 21st May, 2016.

Nadine I. pouring Apple Wine into the fountain

Nadine I. pouring Apple Wine into the fountain at the ceremony

Urselbachbrunnen with ex-Queens and ex-Brunnenmeister

A number of Fountain Queens and Brunnenmeister from previous years also attended

Ute Krostitz and Martin Barschke with the Fountain Pair

Ute Krostitz (left), who runs the care home, and Pastor Martin Barschke (right), manager of the Church organisation that owns the home, joined Christian and Nadine I. for the ceremony

Urselbachbrunnen - Brunnen der Brunnenkönigin Nadine I. 2016

Nadine I. at the Kindermeile

Nadine I. on a Bobby Car at the Brunnenfest 2016

On the Saturday afternoon of the Fountain Festival in Oberursel, Fountain Queen Nadine I. visited the Kindermeile and had a go at the Bobby Car race.

Nadine I. crowned Fountain Queen

Saturday, 9th April, 2016 saw the end Christina II.’s reign as Oberursel’s Fountain Queen (Brunnenkönigin).

The evening started with live music from the group “Natürlich 3”, before the guests were welcomed by Hessische Rundfunk presenter Tim Frühling.  In an unprecedented move he welcomed the future queen, Nadine I., who was sitting in the audience.  This is the first year that the name has been revealed publicly in advance.

And it was Nadine’s taste in music that influenced the next act.  Singer Anjuschka Uher sang the winning title from the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest: “Euphoria”.  Later it was the turn of Stierstadt’s firebrigade band to play one last time for Christina before her farewell speech. [Read more…]

The of end Christina II.’s year as Fountain Queen

With just a few days of her reign left, Fountain Queen Christina II. and her Brunnenmeister Jürgen visited the town hall in Oberursel, where they were thanked for their work representing the town by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and Town Treasurer Thorsten Schorr.

“It was a lovely time” commented Hans-Georg Brum, but continued that everything had to come to an end.  He was keen to highlight the difference between Christina and Jürgen, that they where completely opposite in their approach to things, but this mixture had fitted well together. [Read more…]

Good bye, Vanessa!

With her time on the throne as Oberursel’s fountain queen (Brunnenkönigin) coming to an end, the time came last week to say farewell to Vanessa I. before she officially hands over to her successor on 23rd March.

In the past year she has had 150 official engagements in the town with a approximately a further 20 outside in other towns.

She was accompanied, as ever, by her “Brunnenmeister” Harry Hecker, of whom Mayor Hans-Georg Brum said that you could always tell whether things were going right or wrong with an event by the way he looked.

He also complimented Vanessa, saying that she “always had a smile on her lips”. [Read more…]

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