Urselbachbrunnen inaugurated

The “Urselbachbrunnen” – a fountain in the grounds of the care home “Haus am Urselbach” was inaugurated by Fountain Queen Nadine I. on Saturday, 21st May, 2016.

Nadine I. pouring Apple Wine into the fountain

Nadine I. pouring Apple Wine into the fountain at the ceremony

Urselbachbrunnen with ex-Queens and ex-Brunnenmeister

A number of Fountain Queens and Brunnenmeister from previous years also attended

Ute Krostitz and Martin Barschke with the Fountain Pair

Ute Krostitz (left), who runs the care home, and Pastor Martin Barschke (right), manager of the Church organisation that owns the home, joined Christian and Nadine I. for the ceremony

Urselbachbrunnen - Brunnen der Brunnenkönigin Nadine I. 2016

Church Meeting Point to start lunchtime meals

The Church Meeting Point “Aktiv im Norden”, also known the “Kirchenladen”, which is run by the protestant Church parish of the “Heilig-Geist Kirche”, first opened its doors 7 years ago with the aim to bring the people at the northern end of the town together and promote communication amongst them.

Each week from Monday to Friday the rooms are open between 2pm and 7pm, offering a free lending library, coffee and cakes, with other activities taking place on some evenings and at the weekend.

But although Pastor Cornelia Synek is happy with this “beginning” as she sees it, with the number of people at this end of the town increasing it is important that the meeting point does more. [Read more…]

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