Carnival 2015: Fountain Queen Carolyn II. with Harald

Fountain Queen Carolyn II. with her Brunnenmeister Harald pass through the Henchenstrasse during the carnival procession on Sunday, 15th February, 2015

Fountain Queen Carolyn II. with her Brunnenmeister Harald pass through the Henchenstrasse during the carnival procession on Sunday, 15th February, 2015

Autumn festival for the active North

The autumn festival in the Rosengärtchen Carrée this year was something that Pastor Cornelia Synek from the Heilig-Geist Parish had been particularly looking forward to, as it was due to be opened by someone who she herself had confirmed a number of years ago: none other than Fountain Queen Carolyn II.

As a former student of Frankfurt International School Carolyn is no stranger to the northern end of Oberursel, something she touched on in her speech: “I know how hard it is for the foreigners to make new contacts here” she said, and pointed out the role of the Church Meeting Point “Aktive im Norden”, which aims to bring people in the northern end of the town together. [Read more…]

Ground-breaking ceremony at Frankfurt International School

The subject of the new sports hall for Frankfurt International School is one that has been on the local political agenda for several years, with the main problem being exactly where to build it.

However last Saturday (30th August, 2014) surely put an end those discussions when the “Ground-breaking ceremony” took place, known in German as the “Spatenstich”, now that the school is building inside their own grounds.

The guests, except maybe for the new arrivals, could see a difference to the grounds as soon as they entered them.  Over the summer holidays, the old sports hall had been torn down.  In its place, next to where the Worldfest is held, is now a fenced off area containing the land where the building once stood.

[Read more…]

Photos of the 6th Oberurseler Feyerey

The 6th Oberurseler Feyerey (middle ages market and festival) took place at the weekend. Here are a collection of photos taken Saturday afternoon:

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Photos of the 14th Rheingau Wine Festival

The 14th Rheingau Wine Festival was opened on Friday by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum.

With him were Fountain Queen Carolyn II. and Brunnenmeister Harry (left), along with visiting dignitaries the Hattenheim Wine Queen Louisa Follrich and Oestrich Wine Princess Sophie Egert.

Opening the wine festival: Harry Pratt, Carolyn IIl, Louisa Follrich, Sophie Egert, Hans-Georg Brum

A new lease of life for the Mühlenfest

The water wheel is turning, people are sitting on benches and at tables on the opposite site of the path.  They are enjoying the cold drinks, whilst next to them Felix, aged 7, is climbing up a mobile climbing wall for at least the sixth time.  At the top he can look down onto the Bleiche car park.

This is the “Mühlenfest” – the annual festival organised by the “Naturfreunde” (“Friends of Nature”) – that was revived in 2013 and took place last Sunday (27th July, 2014).

For their chairman, Uwe Oeckel, it is a good sign to see so many young people there.  The local organisation is trying to offer more activities for children, not just at the festival, to get them more involved. [Read more…]

The Maize Maze in Weißkirchen

Last Saturday (19th July, 2014) saw the official opening of the Maize Maze between Weißkirchen and Steinbach for the new summer season.  Fountain Queen Carolyn II. officially declared the maze open with its owner Richard Bickert, before going into the maze herself with her Brunnenmeister Harry.

The maze has a different theme this year, and this year it has taken on the shape of the South American continent – complete with the Falkand Islands.   For adults there are questions to answer about the countries there and the answers are hidden in the maze, such as “how many spears does the Bolivian coat of arms have”  Children have a different set of tasks which involves looking for photos of animals. [Read more…]

The Feldbergbrunnen

Saturday (14th June, 2014) saw the dedication of the new Feldberg Fountain (“Feldbergbrunnen”) take place in the grounds of the Hohe Mark clinic.

The ceremony saw the fountain queen, Carolyn II., pour a small amount of cider over the fountain.

Carolyn II. and Harry at the dedication ceremony for the fountain

Carolyn II. pouring a small amount of cider into the fountain at the ceremony

The fountain is made from a piece of Taunus Quartzite that came from a quarry in Mammolshain, part of Königstein.  Not only was the stone cut in half to make the fountain, but 50cm of it is actually below ground.


The fountain festival is officially open

It may have been Friday 13th, but the fountain festival got off to a good start on Friday evening with fine weather and a slight breeze over the market square.

After the traditional church service, there were speeches by the chairman of the joint charities committee Rolf Steinhagen, Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, and fountain queen Carolyn II. before the barrel of beer was officially tapped. [Read more…]

Carolyn II. – Oberursel’s (English-speaking) Fountain Queen

With the annual fountain festival (Brunnenfest) starting this evening, it is time to catch up on some news from March – Oberursel’s new fountain queen.

It was on Saturday, 29th March, 2014, that the closely guarded secret of who would succeed Annabel I. as the town’s Brunnenkönigin.

Carolyn Wilkinson is only 18 years old, but she has lived in Oberursel since she was born.  A past pupil of Frankfurt International School, she is currently doing a voluntary year at the Hohe Mark clinic before she starts a degree course, which co-incidentally is where “her” fountain will be this year. [Read more…]

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