Carnival 2019: Karnevalverein Frohsinn 1890 e.V.

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Police report on carnival positive

Oberursel’s police have reported that considering the 10,000 people lining the route of the carnival procession on Sunday, they had relatively little to do.

5 people were ordered to leave the area, although one of them became violent and was taken into custody.

5 children were re-united with their parents.

However shortly before the carnival started, the building used by the carnival club “Frohsinn” was broken into.  The thieves forced the entrance door open before heading for the machines.  They also forced open a metal grill that serves as a door to the upper floor.

It is not known how much was taken, but the damage caused is estimated to be around €1,500.

Carnival for Children in Oberstedten

Frohsinn's "Große Garde"

Frohsinn’s “Große Garde”

The Karnevalverein Frohsinn is holding a carnival party for children at the hall in the Frohsinnweg on Saturday, 14th February, 2015 at 2.11pm.

Doors open at 1.11pm and entry costs €1.50 per person.


Carolyn II. – Oberursel’s (English-speaking) Fountain Queen

With the annual fountain festival (Brunnenfest) starting this evening, it is time to catch up on some news from March – Oberursel’s new fountain queen.

It was on Saturday, 29th March, 2014, that the closely guarded secret of who would succeed Annabel I. as the town’s Brunnenkönigin.

Carolyn Wilkinson is only 18 years old, but she has lived in Oberursel since she was born.  A past pupil of Frankfurt International School, she is currently doing a voluntary year at the Hohe Mark clinic before she starts a degree course, which co-incidentally is where “her” fountain will be this year. [Read more…]

Brass Band Frohsinn at Christoph’s Backhaus

The “Frohsinn” brass band stopped by Christoph’s Backhaus on Shrove Tuesday for an impromtu performance and a round of doughnuts.

Brass Band Frohsinn at Christoph's Backhaus

Carnival 2012: KV Frohsinn

KV Frohsinn - Konfetti


Kleiner Rat

Kleiner Rat

Orscheler Bürgersauna

Orscheler Bürgersauna
“Alles geht baden – Orschel nicht!”

Oberursel, 19th February, 2012

A carnival evening with a difference

Drama and Comedy - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / lenmA carnival evening (Fassenachtssitzung) with a difference is being held on Friday 18th November (8pm) and Saturday 19th November (7pm) at the Vereinshaus Frohsinn in Oberursel.

The evening is different because there is no Elferrat or Garde, but the comedy elements remains.  It is organised by a group called “Der Kleine Rat ’74“.

Entry costs €25 which includes the buffet, and tickets can be purchased in advance at “Schlüsselservice Weber” in the Feldbergstraße, or at Tabak Carree Rhode in Camp King.

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