Ground-breaking ceremony at Frankfurt International School

The subject of the new sports hall for Frankfurt International School is one that has been on the local political agenda for several years, with the main problem being exactly where to build it.

However last Saturday (30th August, 2014) surely put an end those discussions when the “Ground-breaking ceremony” took place, known in German as the “Spatenstich”, now that the school is building inside their own grounds.

The guests, except maybe for the new arrivals, could see a difference to the grounds as soon as they entered them.  Over the summer holidays, the old sports hall had been torn down.  In its place, next to where the Worldfest is held, is now a fenced off area containing the land where the building once stood.

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Once upon a time, there was a sports field…

… and that field was one of the most discussed topics in Oberursel.

In fact, it was one of the decisive issues the last time the town council was elected, when the CDU and FDP were in favour of selling it to fund the new swimming pool, SPD, the Green party and OBG were against doing so.

How fast the parties can change their position became apparent last year, when the SPD and Green party sided with the CDU in a vote on the funding of the swimming pool project with a clause stating that the sports field would be sold if an alternative could not be found by the middle of 2013. [Read more…]

The swimming pool building site – 31st October 2012

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Swimming pool car park closed from next Monday

Part of the car park at the swimming poolThe swimming pool car park in Oberursel will be closed from Monday, 15th October, 2012.

This is to allow for preparation work to take place, as the car park will be used for storing building materials for the new swimming pool, after which the land will be sold to build new houses on.


The swimming pool building site – 9th October 2012

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The lifeguards’ building and the outdoor changing rooms have now gone.

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