The Mouse in the Maize Maze

The Maize Maze opened its doors for the 15th year last weekend, with a motive that will particularly please younger fans.  The 3½ hectare maze belonging to the Bickert family contains signs for them to look out for with pictures of characters from the children’s programme “Die Sendung mit der Maus” on them.  And there is something to win as well. [Read more…]

Green sauce and lots of herbs

Last Sunday (13th September, 2015) was a day of Green sauce and herbs at the maize maze in Weißkirchen.

Despite the bad weather, a good number of guests had come to the barn to enjoy a portion of green sauce with potatoes and eggs, whilst their children and grandchildren were playing in the maize pool or listening to the story of the Wolf and the Seven Kids be told by storyteller Angela Behrs. [Read more…]

Where Hanomags met Deutz and Fendt

Classical tractor fans had a chance to see a selection of makes and models at the Bickert family’s maize maze (Maislabyrinth) in Weißkirchen last Sunday.

Not only were there ten “normal” tractors from the area, the oldest of which being a Hanomag type R35 without hydraulics built in 1953 and followed by the model “Robust” of the same make and built in 1962. [Read more…]

Mickey Mouse and Friends in Weißkirchen

Last Saturday (18th July, 2015) saw the start of a new season of the Maize Maze in Weißkirchen.  For the 13th time the Bickert family have created a labyrinth in their maize field where visitors not only have to find the right path, but also solve clues to put together a word that allows them to take part in the prize draw at the end of the summer.  This year the maze has taken on the silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Fountain Queen Christina II. attended the official opening with her Brunnenmeister Jürgen and presented Richard Bickert with her Bembel, before opening the maze by cutting down the last maize plants in the entrance. [Read more…]

Pumpkin carving at the maize maze

Katharina (left) and Emma-Fee (right) carving a pumpkin at the maize maze on Sunday, 28th September, 2014
Last Sunday (28th September, 2014), the maize maze in Weißkirchen held their annual autumn festival.  Not only was pumpkin soup on offer, but children also had the chance to carve out their own pumpkins in time for Halloween.

Katharina (left) and Emma-Fee (right), both 6 years old and shown above, were just two of the children behind the barn doing just.  And not for the first time either.  “We’ve been coming for the past 4 years” they told me.

This photo also appeared on 2nd October, 2014 in the Oberurseler Woche.

Potato picking fun at the Maize maze

Last Sunday (14th September, 2014) was “potato day” at the maize maze in Weißkirchen.  Not only were grated potato fritters and potato soup on the menu, visitors even had a chance to pick their own potatoes.

Lois (4), Leyla (4), Anna (2), Anna (3) and Alexander (1) at work packing their sacks.

Lois (4), Leyla (4), Anna (2), Anna (3) and Alexander (1) at work packing their sacks.

This photo also appeared on 18th September, 2014 in the Oberurseler Woche.

The Maize Maze in Weißkirchen

Last Saturday (19th July, 2014) saw the official opening of the Maize Maze between Weißkirchen and Steinbach for the new summer season.  Fountain Queen Carolyn II. officially declared the maze open with its owner Richard Bickert, before going into the maze herself with her Brunnenmeister Harry.

The maze has a different theme this year, and this year it has taken on the shape of the South American continent – complete with the Falkand Islands.   For adults there are questions to answer about the countries there and the answers are hidden in the maze, such as “how many spears does the Bolivian coat of arms have”  Children have a different set of tasks which involves looking for photos of animals. [Read more…]

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