The Mouse in the Maize Maze

The Maize Maze opened its doors for the 15th year last weekend, with a motive that will particularly please younger fans.  The 3½ hectare maze belonging to the Bickert family contains signs for them to look out for with pictures of characters from the children’s programme “Die Sendung mit der Maus” on them.  And there is something to win as well.

The Fountain Queen Ann-Kathrin I. officially opened the maze last Saturday (15th July, 2017) along with her Brunnenmeister Rainer.  She personally removed the last maize plants from the entrance and the owner Richard Bickert gave visitors an account of the different designs that the maze has had over the years.  To her surprise he even reminded Ann-Kathrin that she visited the maze herself back in 2005.

Storyteller Angela Behrs also came to the opening – dressed as a mouse!

Opening the maize maze - Angela Behrs, Brunnenmeister Rainer, Brunnenkönigin Ann-Kathrin I., Richard Bickert & FamilyOpening the maize maze – Angela Behrs, Brunnenmeister Rainer, Brunnenkönigin Ann-Kathrin I., Richard Bickert & Family

Seen from above, the maze resembles a picture of the mouse, elephant and duck from the show.  Richard Bickert commented how much easier it was to take the photo with a drone these days, as opposed to booking an flight over the field in an aircraft as he had done in previous years.  The maize was planted back in May and is now over shoulder-height for most people.

Ann-Kathrin and Rainer also made their way into the maze to answer a series of questions about the show.  Whilst the children are on the lookout for pictures of Priesemut, Bitzer and other characters, adults need to found out more about the show’s history and its presenters.

Once in the middle of the maze – at the nose of the mouse – there are a set of steps to allow visitors to take a look across the maze towards Frankfurt.  There are a number of circles in the maze at this point, so it is not uncommon to hear “we’ve been here before” whilst on them.

Rainer and Ann-Kathrin I. looking for clues in the mazeRainer and Ann-Kathrin I. looking for clues in the maze

But why the “Sendung mit der Maus”?  Richard Bickert told me it was simply because he likes the show and has been watching it ever since it started – even today when he can.

Once all the questions have been answered or the pictures found, visitors have a chance to win a weekend on a farm in northern Hessen.  But the search can take up to an hour, so it’s good to know that there are cakes, brezel, sausages and of course corn on the cob on offer at the nearby barn.  For children there is a large pile of sand to play on, a maize bath and in the barn itself are now even some cows to play with.

Fountain Queen Ann-Kathrin I. removing the last maize plants with owner Richard BickertFountain Queen Ann-Kathrin I. removing the last maize plants with owner Richard Bickert

The maze is open until 24th September from 2pm to 7pm on Saturdays and 11am to 7pm on Sundays.  Entrace to the maze itself costs €3 for adults, €2,50 for anyone aged between 10 an 16, and €2 for children between 4 and 9 years old.  On some weekends there are themed days and the menu is extended accordingly.  On Sunday, 13th August the topic is Africa.

This article appeared in German on Thursday, 20th July, 2017 in the Oberurseler Woche


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