Mickey Mouse and Friends in Weißkirchen

Last Saturday (18th July, 2015) saw the start of a new season of the Maize Maze in Weißkirchen.  For the 13th time the Bickert family have created a labyrinth in their maize field where visitors not only have to find the right path, but also solve clues to put together a word that allows them to take part in the prize draw at the end of the summer.  This year the maze has taken on the silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Fountain Queen Christina II. attended the official opening with her Brunnenmeister Jürgen and presented Richard Bickert with her Bembel, before opening the maze by cutting down the last maize plants in the entrance.

The first visitors were already waiting to enter the maze, and Christina and Jürgen also took on the challenge to answer 10 questions about the Wald Disney figures.

The answers can be found on information boards that are hidden in the maze.  Some of the knowledge questions can probably be answered by Disney fans from memory, but in some cases the answer in in a picture, leaving the visitors with no other choice but to look at all of the relevant boards.

For teenagers there are a different set of questions to answer, and for children aged 10 and under there a pictures of Disney characters to look for, with each picture having a letter on it.

The field is about 5 hectares in size and due to the dry weather this year the maize plants are not as high as they have been in previous years. From tthe viewing platform in the middle of the maze it is not only possible to see Frankfurt, but also to get a look at the the maze itself.

Once visitors have finished in the maze, they can enjoy cold drinks and hot corn on the cob. The are a number of things for children to do: goats and rabbits to stroke, a big pile of sand, bales of hay, a maize bath and lots of vehicles to ride around on.

The Maize Maze (“Maislabyrinth”) is open Saturdays from 2pm until 7pm and Sundays from 11am until 7pm each week until 27th September.  On some days there are other events on offer, such as classic tractors visiting or a day about the herbs that go into the local green sauce.

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This article appeared in German in the Oberurseler Woche on Thursday, 23rd July, 2015.


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