Annabel ‘s year as the Fountain Queen

As Annabel I.’s reign as the fountain queen of Oberursel comes to an end tonight when her successor is crowned, she took time this week to reflect on her year in office.

She said it had been a year of highlights, and listed one after another.  She has spent a lot of her year visiting the clubs and charities in the town – at total of 96!  She also had a lot of luck with the weather for most of those visits, with probably the worst downpour taking place during her own fountain festival (“Brunnenfest”).

She has also represented the town away from home, such as at a recording of the “Hessenquiz” show, in Hessen’s parliament chamber and even on an adventurous weekend in France. [Read more…]

Photos of Oberursel’s Christmas Market

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A cold and wet fountain festival (Brunnenfest)

The fountain festival (Brunnenfest) in Oberursel stands a good chance of being remembered for its weather.  Not only for the wet Sunday, but for the cold and at times damp weather on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.  In particular, it may well go down in the history of the festival as the one where snow lay on the Feldberg, with sub-zero temperatures in parts of the Taunus in Friday morning.

But for some, Fountain Queen Annabel I. in particular, the weather was not going to spoil the weekend and she cheerily opened the festival on Friday evening accompanied by pageant queens from other towns, who she took on a tour of the Strackgasse to see her parents’ house.

The sun even came out for her to officially inaugurate “her” fountain – the stork fountain (Storchenbrunnen) – which is located on one side of the Maasgrundweiher, accompanied by her Brunnenmeister and an honorary guard from Ursellis Historica. [Read more…]

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