Signing away a sports field

One of the remaining hurdles in selling the sports field known as the “Altkönigsportplatz” was removed last week when the sports club that had originally set it up signed a contract with the town to relinquish their right to use it in exchange for other benefits.

The TSGO (Turn- und Sportgemeinde 1861 e.V. Oberursel) had been using the field since 23rd July, 1933, when it was official opened by the then so-called “Jahngemeinschaft”.  They had purchased the land in 1927, although it was not as large as the field is now.

In 1953 the sports field was expanded and a deal was struck with the town by which the TSGO land became the town’s property in return usage rights.

Now 19,582m² of that land is about to be sold off to fund the new swimming pool  [Read more…]

Sports club awarded €50,000 grant

Boris Rhein presenting the TSGO with confirmation of their €50,000 grant. (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

The Turn- und Sportgemeinde 1861 e.V. Oberursel (TSGO) have been awarded a €50,000 grant by the Hessen Government to renovate their sanitary area and modernise their fitness room.

Confirmation of the grant to the 4,000 member strong was made by Hessen’s interior minister, 3rd from left in the photo.

To his left are honorary TSGO chairman Willi Zulauf and Alderman Wolfgang Pristaff.  To his right are TSGO president Rolf Vaupel, chairman of Sportkreis Hochtaunus e.V. Norbert Möller and town council chairman Dr. Christoph Müllerleile.

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