Heidegraben & part of the Dornbachstraße one-way

The road “Im Heidegraben” will be one-way between the Dornbachstraße and the Hohemarkstraße from Monday, 12th July until Monday, 2nd August, 2021, with traffic only able to travel towards the Hohemarkstraße.  The end of the upper half of the Dornbachstraße that connects with it will also be one-way towards “Im Heidegraben”.

Bus route 42 will be diverted travelling towards the Friedhof and not be stopping at “Im Heidegraben” or “Lorsbachstraße”.  The alternative bus stops are “Glöcknerwiese” (usually served by route 50) and “Camp King” in the Hohemarkstraße.

Part of the Dornbachstraße one-way

The Dornbachstraße will be one-way, travelling northwards, between Im Heidegraben and the Fischbachstraße to allow for the bus stops to be modernised. The buses will, however, continue to travel in both directions and will be stopping at temporary bus stops in front of the houses with numbers 39 and 42.

Learner driver went the wrong way

An 18-year-old learner driver was travelling the Berliner Straße on Monday, 6th May, 2013, in an Opel Corsa, heading towards the Nassauer Straße, when he oversaw the one-way-sign at the Freiligrathstraße.

He realised his mistake when he saw cars coming towards him and steered the car to the right.

Unfortunately in doing so he hit the railings between the road and the U-Bahn tracks, causing €750 of damage.  The car had to be towed away.

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