Police issue warning about trick phone calls

Police in Bad Homburg and Oberursel have issued a warning after a number of phone calls were reported to them.

The callers used a trick in the phone system to show the number “110” on the display of the receiver’s phone.  The police advise that they do not use this number when calling someone.

The callers target the elderly, and ask them about valuables and cash that they have at home.  They then tell them that they have received information that they are about to be burgled, and are going to send someone round to take their valuables to the police station for safe keeping.  Obviously if they did hand them over to whoever turned up they would not see them again.

The real police will not ask questions about valuables in the home, and will not asked where they are hidden.  They do not take cash or valuables for safe keeping.

Anyone who receives such calls is advised to put the phone down and inform the local police.  (Oberursel: 06171 62400, Bad Homburg: 06172 1200).

Beware of the money changing trick

Oberursel’s police are warning of a thief in the area using a “money changing trick”.

In one recent incident a 76-year-old man had just withdrawn money from the cashpoint in Camp King when he was approached by someone described as being of southern origin who asked him to change some money for him.

When the victim looked into the coin compartment of his purse, the man snatched the notes and disappeared.

He is described as between 25 and 30 years old, 185cm tall and was wearing a white shirt and black shoes.

Beware of the “slip of paper” trick

Police in Oberursel are warning people to be aware of the so-called “slip of paper” trick (“Zetteltrick”).

In a recent incident, two women of south-east European appearance, one slim and between 20 and 25 years old, the other over 60 and well built, rang the door bell of a 75-year-old in the Lahnstraße and asked for a piece of paper to write a note on (presumably to leave a message for someone else in the block).

The 75-year-old let them into her flat and while one of the women distracted her, the other searched the flat for valuables.  A watch was stolen.

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