Burglar caught

Detectives in Bad Homburg have caught a man who they believe is responsible for 25 break-ins in Oberursel in the past six months.

The 27-year-old who lives in the town is accused of earning a living through the break-ins.  He is believed to be responsible for, amongst others, the Volkshochschule (October), Primary School “Mitte” (October), the library, (December), the Kindergarten “Waldzwerge” (December and February), Brauhaus Oberursel (December, January, February), the Kindergarten “Regenbogenland” (March), the Kindergarten “St.Ursula” (January and February), as well as a number of other shops, restaurants and clubhouses.

The suspect has told police that he carried out the crimes alone, but the investigation is ongoing.

Thief caught in restaurant

In the early hours of Sunday, 29th March, 2015, a 20-year-old man was seen in a restaurant in the Holzweg-Passage taking a mobile phone out of a handbag.  The witness spoke to the man about it, at which point he through the phone onto the floor.  A number of people then held the accused in the restaurant until the police arrived.

On searching the man, the police found an empty wallet which had previously been reported stolen out of a jacked in another restaurant in the Adenauerallee.

Beware of the money changing trick

Oberursel’s police are warning of a thief in the area using a “money changing trick”.

In one recent incident a 76-year-old man had just withdrawn money from the cashpoint in Camp King when he was approached by someone described as being of southern origin who asked him to change some money for him.

When the victim looked into the coin compartment of his purse, the man snatched the notes and disappeared.

He is described as between 25 and 30 years old, 185cm tall and was wearing a white shirt and black shoes.

Drunken thief caught red handed

An attempt to steal a 30 litre barrel of beer on Monday morning (8th April, 2013) did not go as planned for the 29-year-old thief who, according to police, was already drunk when tried to leave the drinks store in the Taunusstraße in Stierstadt.

One of the employees of the shop unlocked the door, only for the thief to run straight into him.  Apparently he made an unsuccessful attempt to attack the employee, only to fall over whilst trying to leave via the courtyard at the rear of the building.

He was held down and handed over to police on their arrival.

Bicycle shop broken into

A bicycle shop in the Holzweg was broken into in the early hours of last Monday morning when someone broke the shop window with a hammer and stole the mountain bike that was at the front of the display.

A witness approached the thief who then proceeded to ride towards the witness.  The two collided, the witness being hurting their arm.  The thief then left the bicycle behind and ran off in the direction of the old town.

He is described as slim, of Mediterranean appearance, around 16 to 18 years old and approximately 1.65m tall. He was wearing a black jumper with back tracksuit trousers.

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