Turn right onto the tracks…

One Mercedes driver showed a little too much trust in her satellite navigation equipment on Friday evening (29th November, 2013).

At the corner of the Hohemarkstraße and Kupferhammerweg, the voice said “turn right”, and turn she did, without realising that the Kuperhammerweg starts 20 metres away on the other side of the U-Bahn tracks.

Instead she turned right onto the tracks, grounding the car.

Trains were halted whilst the car was towed back onto the road.  The car was slightly damaged but no-one was hurt.

More Sat Navs stolen in Oberstedten

A number of cars were broken into in Oberstedten on the night of the 18th/19th November, 2013, and according to police the targets seem to have been the satellite navigation devices.

The cars were located in the Grenzstraße (BMW and Mercedes), Bussardweg (BMW), Dornholzhäuser Straße (BMW) and Lindenbergweg (BMW).  Almost all of the cars had had their rear triangular window smashed.

Other cars in that night suffering the same fate were parked in the Kastanienweg and Oberhöchstadter Straße.

The total damage is estimated at €25,000.

Cars in Oberstedten broken into

On the night between the 8th and 9th of October, 2013, at least 5 cars were broken into in Oberstedten with the intention of stealing the satellite navigation systems.

The cars – BMW and Mercedes – were parked in the Bussardweg, Fichtenstraße and Buchenweg.  Two of the cars had their locks picked, the others had side windows smashed.  The total damage is estimated at €15,000.

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