Vandalism at the Deschauer Park

On Monday evening (30th March, 2015), a group of youths were seen damaging a fence in part of the “Deschauer Park”.  Around the same time the police received calls about four young people in the Füllerstraße, near the “Deschauer Park”, who had damaged a parked car.

It was later discovered that around 8m of wire-mesh fence on the Körnerstraße side of the park had been damaged, including one of the fence posts, and a number of glass bottles had been thrown against a wooden house on the playground in the park.

A parked VW Polo had had one of its wing mirrors kicked off.

The damage in the park is estimated at €1,500, the damage to the car at €600.

Two police teams found three of the suspects and followed them a short distance on foot before arresting them.  The 16 and 17 year olds were under the influence of alcohol, and after questioning they were handed over to their parents.  The police are continuing with their enquiries.

World War II bombs found on building site

A bulldozer working on a building site in the town centre discovered two 15kg incendiary bombs on Wednesday morning (2nd April, 2014).  One of them so damaged so badly, that a substance leaked out of it, that turned into a light-coloured smoke on contact with the air.

The building site and surrounding area were cordoned off and evacuated.

The bomb disposal service arrived quickly and were decided that as there was no immediate danger, they would remove them to dispose of them elsewhere.

A search was carried out for further items but nothing was found.

The building site on Tuesday evening before the bombs were found

The building site on Tuesday evening before the bombs were found

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