Police called to fight between Asylum Seekers

Police were called to the asylum seekers’ home in the Karl-Herrmann-Flach-Straße on Tuesday evening (26th January, 2016) after a fight broke out between two of the residents.

It is unclear why the fight broke out, and the two residents had been sharing a room.  According to police, one hit the other in the face with a saucepan, who retaliated by hitting the first resident on the head with the handle of a kitchen knife.

Both were taken to hospital but later released.  Both now face a criminal prosecution.

Thefts at the bulding site and the chemist

Over the weekend of 8th-11th March, 2013, around 600 litres of diesel was stolen from the tanks of two vehicles at a building site in the Karl-Herrmann-Flach-Straße.  Police do not know how the thieves managed to transport this amount of fuel and are asking for anyone who can help with the enquiry to call 06171 62400.

On the same weekend thieves broke into a chemist shop in Camp-King-Allee between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning.  They forced the door open and entered both the shop floor area and the store, although it appears they did not take anything.  The damage is estimated at €1,500.

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