50 Years of Twinning – Today in Oberursel

Today (Saturday, 7th June, 2014) sees events taking place in Oberursel to mark the 50th anniversary of the town twinning with Epinay-sur-Seine in France.

The day will begin at 10am with a “honey breakfast” in the Adenauerallee, followed by the inauguration of a “Butineur” – a bee-hive, also in the Adenaueralle, which has a glass front to it to allow passers-by to see the bees at work.  A similar bee-hive was installed last month in Epinay-sur-Seine, and this is seen as a “airlift” connection between the two towns.

At 12.15 a U-Bahn train will make its way out of the refuge siding and enter Oberursel’s station, where it will be officially named “Epinay-sur-Seine – 50 Jahre Partnerschaft mit Oberursel (Taunus)”.

In the afternoon events move to the Epinay-Platz where at 4pm a birthday cake will be jointly cut by Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and Epinay’s Deputy Mayor Patrice Konieczny. [Read more…]

Getting to the root of the Sycamore Tree problem

There is a tree in the centre of Oberursel that has been receiving quite a bit of attention recently.  Called a “Platane”, a type of sycamore tree, it is located at the junction of the Adenauerallee, Oberhöchstadter Straße and the Liebfrauenstraße, next to what used to be called KDM – “Kaufhaus der Mitte”.

Whilst KDM is in the process of being modernised, the crossing itself has been in discussion for re-development at some time in the future, or even re-configuration you might say, considering that part of the discussion focuses on how the traffic lanes should be laid out.

At one point there was talk of planting a replacement tree and removing the current one, but this met with such resistance – even among members of the town council – that just two months ago the town hall scrapped those plans and came up with new ones leaving the tree in place.

“Not a branch will be damaged” claimed the Taunus Zeitung in March. [Read more…]

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