Work on Bärenkreuzung to start

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaWork on the Bärenkreuzung in the centre of Oberursel is to start on Monday, 18th November, 2013.

The crossing is the junction of the Adenauerallee with the Liebfrauenstraße, Oberhöchstadter Straße and Vorstadt and is one of the major road junctions in the town.

Whilst the road works take place, the town is keen to stress that the shops are still easy to get to, although pedestrians may have to take small detour to get to them.

Work on the underground pipes, the “Alleenweg” and the bus stop should be finished before Christmas, after which work will begin on the new traffic lights.

However the Adenauerallee will be closed to traffic at this point until mid April 2014.


Traffic heading towards the station or Bad Homburg will be diverted from the Oberhöchstadter Straße along the Lindenstraße and Nassauerstraße and a 30 km/h speed limit will be in force.

It will not be possible to turn right the Nassauer Straße into the Frankfurter Landstraße, to avoid traffic building up with the railway crossing is closed.

In part of the Lindenstraße and Nassauerstaße no-parking areas will be signposted and the one-way restrictions will be lifted.

Cars travelling to Kronberg will use the same diversion in the other direction and will still be able to turn left out of the Nassauer Straße into the Frankfurter Landstraße.

Lorries travelling to Kronberg will be diverted along the Berliner Straße and Liebfrauenstraße to avoid a sharp right-turn on the other route.

Residents in the Adenauerallee will be able to use the road as far as possible.

The traffic lights on the crossing will be replaced with a temporary set to allow pedestrians to cross the road and to allow for the changes in the flow of traffic.

Bus routes changed

Number 41 buses will be diverted along the Lindenstraße and Nassauer Straße in both directions.  A bus stop will be placed in front of Lindenstaße nr. 24/26 and another in front of Henchenstraße nr. 4, with one on the opposite side in front of “El Gallo Borracho”.

Number 42 buses to Weißkirchen-Ost will turn from the Liebfrauenstraße into the Lindenstraße and use the same bus stop as the number 41 buses, before continuing to the Nassauer Straße.  Buses travelling to “Hauptfriedhof” will be diverted along the Feldbergstraße and stop in the Henchenstraße.

Number 44 buses will use the same route as the number 41 buses.  At the station the will become number 45 buses and continue along the Feldbergstraße, Liebfrauenstraße and Henchenstraße towards Oberstedten.


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