“Grenzpunkt” in the Neuhausstraße

Dots like this “Grenzpunkt” are placed all over Germany and are used like triangulation points for map making and measuring the sizes of properties.

This one can be found next to the playground in the Neuhausstraße, at the northend end of Oberursel.

“Grenze” means border, so I wonder what border it marks?

Grenzpunkt in the Neuhausstrasse

Grenzpunkt in the Neuhausstrasse


Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße

Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße - 17. February 2019

Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße - 17. February 2019

Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße - 17. February 2019

Public basket ball hoop

… at the Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße

Public tabletennis table

… at the Bärenspielplatz in the Neuhausstraße.
It even has a metal net.
Bring your own balls and bats.

Mühle (Nine men’s morris) board

Set in a table with chairs at the “Bärenspielplatz” playground in the Neuhausstraße.

Spielplatz am Rosengärtchen to remain a playground

When I first heard about the plans to build a new Kindergarten on the playground “Spielplatz am Rosengärtchen” in the Neuhausstraße, I was horrified.  Not only because I had received incorrect information about the location from the Ausländerbeirat, but because I felt personally affected by it more than by many of the things that I write about on this site.

This is the playground that I take my children to and we even held a birthday party there once.  It has a variety of things for children to do and play on, including a large basket for a swing, a roundabout, two slides, a “bare foot path” (created incidentally by a local Scout group) and a couple of climbing frames.  It also has places for parents to sit down and even a few tables, and in summer the trees provide shade for most of the playground.

All of a sudden this was under threat, with the reason given that the number of new homes built at the northern end of Oberursel would, one day, require further child-care places to be available in the area. [Read more…]

From the Ausländerbeirat…

When the Ausländerbeirat met on Monday (4th March, 2013), they may not have been prepared for the number of guests who turned up to put their questions to them. It may not sound that many, but those 6 (six) broke the record for past half year.

One of the reasons for this was a group from the Ahmadiyya community to ask for the committee’s support for their plans for a mosque in Oberursel. Currently the community have prayer rooms in the Dornbachstraße which they say are now at full capacity for their services with many of those who worship representing the 4th generation of families that have moved to Germany in the past.

If possible they would like to build a mosque in the town, rather than convert an existing building, and added that they were looking for support and not for funding. Franz Zenker, chairing the meeting, promised that the committee would support them and pass on their request to the town’s executive. [Read more…]

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