Open Air Party at the Altstadt Station

Part of the group around the fire with their twists

Part of the group around the fire with their twists

The “Open Air Living Room 4Rooms” at the U-Bahn station “Altstadt” (previously called Portstraße) played host to an open air party for the young people of Oberursel on Thursday evening, 29th November 2012.

The organisations Café Portstraße, Kinderhaus Camp King, Jugendtreff Oberstedten, along with the town’s youth office (Jugendbüro) and mobile youth service joined forces to offer twists, punch, sausages and music free of charge with around 30 young people from different parts of the town turning up.

Artist Judith Hildmann (aka rewadopo) provided the entertainment in the form of a fire show.

Judith Hildmann (rewadopo) with a hula hoop of fire

Judith Hildmann (rewadopo) with a hula hoop of fire



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