New open space for young people in the Eschbachweg

When a group of young people gathered at the new “Jugendfläche” in the Eschbachweg back in May, they had probably hoped for better weather.  The park was due to be officially opened with a Zumba dance.  Instead, it rained most of the time.

Not that it was a major problem, because there was still enough to do.  The stencil workshop was particularly popular, where works of art were created using stencils and spray paint.  And everyone was able to keep warm thanks to the sausages and hot drinks. 

The new park is part of the project “Oberursel unter der Lupe” and was designed together with the young people from the area.  They were also involved in implementing the plans as much as possible.  In the middle there is a large – and thankfully non-slip metal stage in the shape of a catwalk.  The fence behind the goal also doubles up as a place to hang a screen for an open-air cinema in the summer months.  There is also a table tennis table.

Costing around €50,000, the project was paid for by the town’s investment budget, with the work being partially carried out by the town’s own sub-contractor BSO.

At the official opening Alderman Christof Fink made it clear, that mutual consideration with the nearby residents is something he hopes to see.  The uses of the park will need to make sure that they are not too loud, whilst at the same time the residents can keep an eye on things to avoid problems with vandalism, and their wish for two benches to be added to the area have been accommodated as well.

The group at the official opening of the Jugendfläche Eschbachweg on 10th May 2014

In the end it did stop raining, so the Zumba group were able to go on stage to dance and everyone gathered for a group photo, before the afternoon continued with a football match.

This article also appeared in German in the Oberurseler Woche

And this is what the park looks like when the sun is shining:

The Jugendfläche Eschbachweg on 16th May, 2014


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