New open space for young people in the Eschbachweg

When a group of young people gathered at the new “Jugendfläche” in the Eschbachweg back in May, they had probably hoped for better weather.  The park was due to be officially opened with a Zumba dance.  Instead, it rained most of the time.

Not that it was a major problem, because there was still enough to do.  The stencil workshop was particularly popular, where works of art were created using stencils and spray paint.  And everyone was able to keep warm thanks to the sausages and hot drinks.  [Read more…]

The Baron, The Countess and the Porcelain Factory

The forest has gone – sold!  The expenditure has spiraled out of control and the workers long for a period of stability.  No, this has nothing to do with the town’s finances – it all takes place on the stage of the Kunstbühne Portstraße.

The play “Mein alter Herr” (“My old Master”) being performed by the “Neue Bühne Oberursel” premiered last Friday (10th January, 2014) under the watchful eyes of director Christel Popadiuk.  Indeed, Baron von Trutz-Zellin (Beppo Bachfischer) did bring stability to the household when he returned home with his young wife Karoline (Kathrin Henrich) – a wife, who knows what she wants.

Everything would be find if it was not for the small matter of whether her mother (Gabriele Schweickhardt) was going to re-marry and thus bequeath her wealth to someone else. [Read more…]

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