The lies and lottery of four sisters

Winning the lottery often means not having anything to worry about in life, but for Henriette (Uta Patzina) in the new play “Schwestern” (Sisters) from the Neue Bühne Oberursel the sudden windfall is a problem.  See had promised her sister Mathilde (Anna Altheim) not to play the lottery any more, and all of a sudden she is left with having to explain where all of the money came from, without Sister Notburga (Gerlinda Haas-Schmidt) from the local convent finding out an wanting a donation.  And she doesn’t want the sisters’ domestic employee Frau Bastelhuber (Margit Altheim) finding out about it either.

Luckily Henriette can count of the support of her other sisters Irene (Barbara Semeras) and Charlotte (Gabriele Schweickhardt), the latter being a solicitor who comes up with a plan to explain the money as being an inheritance from long-forgotten relatives – a useful solution considering that Henriette’s daughter Christine (Kerstin Grunwald) already has plans for part of the money and Henritte’s and Mathilde’s house needs urgent repairs done to it.

The only flaw in the plan is not knowing if Mathilde’s uncles Willibald and Paul (Beppo Bachfischer and Rainer Böhrig) are really dead. [Read more…]

The Baron, The Countess and the Porcelain Factory

The forest has gone – sold!  The expenditure has spiraled out of control and the workers long for a period of stability.  No, this has nothing to do with the town’s finances – it all takes place on the stage of the Kunstbühne Portstraße.

The play “Mein alter Herr” (“My old Master”) being performed by the “Neue Bühne Oberursel” premiered last Friday (10th January, 2014) under the watchful eyes of director Christel Popadiuk.  Indeed, Baron von Trutz-Zellin (Beppo Bachfischer) did bring stability to the household when he returned home with his young wife Karoline (Kathrin Henrich) – a wife, who knows what she wants.

Everything would be find if it was not for the small matter of whether her mother (Gabriele Schweickhardt) was going to re-marry and thus bequeath her wealth to someone else. [Read more…]

Theatre in the Courtyard – Like a proper hero

Gustav Kühne (Roland Ruppel) is a bank robber. But his is also a man of principles. “Take what you need, but don’t steal beyond your means” he tells his daughters Hannelore (Mehtap Burnaz) and Margit (Alexandra Struck) who help him with his schemes. In fact, the whole family is in on it, with once exception: his sister-in-law Helene (Barbara Semeras) although she also helps him unwittingly at times.

It is his wife Roswitha (Anna Altheim) who is left waiting for them to come home and to face the police when they come knocking at the door in the middle of the night. Not only does she have to stop the police discovering where her husband and daughters has been, she has to stop Helene saying anything as well.

This almost farcical comedy has been playing to sold out houses for the past weeks at the Alt Orschel “Straußwirtschaft” – a bar and restaurant in a courtyard just off the market square in Oberursel, with this week being the final week. [Read more…]

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