Jazz meets mills – Jazz meets Mühle

“Jazz meets Mühle” is being held for the sixth time this year, and is again being held on Whitmonday, 5th June 2017, and involves as always the mills along the Mühlenwanderweg.

At six places along the route there will be jazz bands playing, with refreshments available and a chance to see the historical buildings from a new perspective.

Although the event itself will be taking place between 11am and 5pm, the bands are playing at different times along the route, allowing visitors to experience each one in turn.

Jazz meets Mühle logoThe six locations are:


Now known as “Haus der Naturfreunde”, or Altkönigstraße nr. 53, LaVida´s Nawlinz Fonktion – New Orleans Marching Brass Band – will open the proceedings at 11am with the “Verein der Naturfreunde” providing the refreshments.  A water-wheel still works here, but is not the original wheel and is only for demonstration purposes.   From 12pm onwards Quincy’s Bandstand will be playing.


This building is now better known as the home of the “Adam Koch” plumbing company at Altkönigstraße nr. 43, however Adam Koch himself used to be a mill builder.  The Powerhouse Swingtett featuring Viola Engelbrecht will be playing from 11am until 2pm, after which the Corinna Danzer Quintett will take over.  Between 13.45 and 14.15 the marching band will pass through.


The building, An der Herrenmühle 7-9, is one that many people have walked passed without knowing much about its history, as it is next to the Bleiche car park. A large water wheel is still visible from the Hollerberg path.  The HSW Jazz Trio featuring Mitja Skorbene, Don Hein, and Sascha Wild will be playing “Unbelievable Jazz” from 12pm until 5pm, with a break for the marching band between 2.30pm and 3pm.


The museum is located at the top end of the market square and contains examples of millstones and other interesting pieces of technology from the mills’ hayday.  The New Orleans Swing Four featuring John Defferary & Herbert Christ will be playing from 11am until 2pm, followed by Rolf Zwirner´s Swing Combo until 5pm.



The courtyard next to the Hospitalkirche is one of the locations again this year, where the “Fehlgriff Orchester” will be playing between 11am and 2pm, followed by The Chris Zimmer Four until 5pm.  The marching band will be paying a visit between 3.30pm and 4pm.

Historischer Marktplatz

LaVida´s Nawlinz Fonktion will be finishing their tour at the market square between 4.30pm and 5pm.


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