Couple from Wiesbaden donated blood for the 101st time

After the 125th donation by a visitor from Bad Homburg last month, in December it was the turn of a couple from Wiesbaden to be awarded for an unusual combination of the 101st donation at the Red Cross in Oberursel.

Eberhard Böhm came all the way to Oberursel with his wife to donate blood for the 100th time.  He first blood donation had been in 1967 when he was an officer cadet at the marine training school in Flensberg and the platoon went to donate together.

Some years later he was working in Oberursel at first the Dresdner Bank and later the Frankfurter Volksbank and it was during this time that he started to donate regularly. [Read more…]

Giving blood for the 100th time

Peter Ehegartner is 64 years old and first donated blood on 24th January 1981 when he followed is his father’s footsteps.

Admittedly it was another 10 years before he started doing so on a regular basis, but then he kept on going and this month (July 2013) donated blood for the 100th time.

For this achievement he received an engraved watch and a badge of honour with “100” on it from the blood donor service along with a hamper from the local branch of the Red Cross.

He has already recruited two new donors – his daughter and future son-in-law who both gave blood for the first time this year.

Peter Ehegartner (centre) with Michaela Tappenden (Red Cross Oberursel) and Jürgen Swoboda (Blood donor service)

Peter Ehegartner (centre) with Michaela Tappenden (Red Cross Oberursel) and Jürgen Swoboda (Blood donor service)


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