The second Bahnhofsfest – and the less than grand opening

This time last year Oberursel was celebrating the grand re-opening of the station building after the restoration work had been completed.

So when I heard that the Bahnhofsfest (“station festival”) was being held again this year – albeit at short notice – I was looking forward to it.  All of a sudden, everywhere I looked there were flyers and posters advertising it, and details were published in the local newspapers.

Whilst I was certainly looking forward to seeing Roy Hammer & Die Pralinées play in the evening, from a news point of view the highlight could well have been the opening of the new Ärztehaus opposite the station – a building containing a number of doctors’ surgeries, a chemist and a bank.

Except that when I went to the opening at 11am, I, along with other members of the press and the public were politely told that the opening was by invitation only, and myself and two other photographers were definitely not on the list of people being allowed in.

Eventually we found out that a public opening was taking place on the stage at the station at 11.30am. [Read more…]

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