DPSG Oberursel raised money for flooded building in 72 hours

“We are heaven sent” was the motto of the German catholic youth movement (BDKJ) last weekend, among them the Scouts of the DPSG Oberursel from the St.Hedwig and St.Sebastian communities.

At 17:07 on Thursday evening they assembled with their leaders on the Feldberg to be handed their task.  For the Scouts, it was “organise a party for Sunday afternoon next to Oberursel’s station”.

They began planning straight away.  After returning to their room in the old vicarage on the Borkenberg the group became to work out what they needed to organise and what the flyers for the party should look like.  After all, they only had 72 hours to complete thhe task.

On Friday they started visiting local businesses to ask for donations for the party.  They received support from a number of bakers and shops selling soft drinks – not all of them in Oberursel. [Read more…]

72 hours to make Oberursel a better place

72 Stunden Logo“We are heaven-sent” will be the motto of the catholic youth movement (BDKJ) this coming weekend throughout Germany when groups across the country try to make their part of the World a better place in just 72 hours.  The St.Hedwig and St.Sebastian Scout Group in Oberursel will also be taking part.

As yet the 15 children and young people do not know which project they will be assigned.  They only know that they have to be on the Feldberg on Thursday, 13th June at 17:07 with other groups from the area where they will receive futher instructions.  They then have 72 hours to complete the task.

What they do know is that they will need a lot of support if they are going to be finished by 17.07 on Sunday evening. [Read more…]

The Scouts need new leaders – urgently!

The catholic Scouts in Oberursel, the DPSG (Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg), have a big problem – they urgently need new leaders for their Scout Group.

So much so, in fact, that they started a campaign which has seen newspaper interviews and even advertising boards being rented to find volunteers to join the group.

In the end, five interested people who live in the town turned up to an information evening about the group and the Scouts on Thursday evening (14th March, 2013). [Read more…]

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