Germania’s spring festival put the youth at the forefront

Visitors to the Gesangverein Germania‘s spring festival at the sports hall in Weißkirchen last weekend, may have noticed some chances to how things have been in previous years.  The festival had undergone a regeneration, starting with the decorations int he hall.  Instead of flowers on the stage, there were colourful luftballons displaying emojis.

The musical programme consisted mainly of the younger groups, with the male and female choirs not singing invidually, but only as the mixed choir.  Outside there were hotdogs instead of Bratwursts, there was a table for the children to draw at, a treasure hunt and hook-a-duck.

It was the “Rotkehlchen” group that started the day’s music, conducted by Eike O. Müller.  Both of their songs were about food.  First they sang “Das ist der Gummibär”, and followed it with an audience-participation song: “Obstsalat” (fruit salad).  The audience were asked to join in with the actions, cutting up apples, oranges and bananas. [Read more…]

Choirs rule in Weißkirchen

Saturday, 9th May, 2015 saw the annual spring festival of the choral society “Germania 1873” in Weißkirchen take place with a new idea: in the sports hall of the TV Weißkirchen the stage had been decorated with flowers, but the singers were not standing on it.  Instead they were standing on the floor, directly in front of the audience. [Read more…]

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