Nikolas Alt wins “Fair-Trade football”

Fair trade football being presented to Nikolas Alt by Dr. Johannes Bickel (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

During the “Culture stage in the Allee” event back in June the Fairtrade Town steering group had an information stand with a number of Fairtrade products as well as information leaflets.

They also had a “Fußballtorwand” – a wall with two holes in to that you try to kick a football through.  This was covered with information about how child labour is used to make sports articles.

A fairtrade football was raffled off amongst all those who had a go at getting the ball through the hole, and the winner was 11-year-old Nikolas Alt, who was presented with the football by Dr. Johannes Bickel (left) of the steering group and Mayor Hans-Georg Brum (right).  Also in the photo are Nicole Schüppenhauer and Jens Gessner from the town’s environment, conservation and energy department.

Oberursel is a Fairtrade Town

Oberursel is now officially a “Fairtrade Town”.  The certificate confirming this was presented on Saturday during the autumn market (Herbsttreiben) by TransFair’s ambassador Manfred Holz to Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and the Fokus-O Chairman Michael Reuter.

To get this far the town has spent the last six months bringing together businesses, politicians and members of the community to promote “fair trade” goods, and is the first town in Hochtaunuskreis to by archieve this.  Local shops office the products for sale and café and restaurants serve them as well.

It is also a requirement that local schools, clubs and churches use “fair trade” products and educate people about them. [Read more…]

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