Are your First Aid skills a little rusty?

Before you can take a driving test in Germany, you have to attend a course called “Unterweisung in lebensrettenden Sofortmaßnahmen” which takes about a day and is intended to ensure that all new drivers have basic first aid skills.  There is also a full-blown first aid course available which lasts two days, but is only compulsory for certain types of vehicle.

So when the automobile club ADAC recently commissioned a survey on first aid skills as part of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Red Cross, there were some shocking results.  Whilst 73% of those asked felt they were able to offer first aid, 68% did not know the steps they should take if they were first on the scene at an accident.  9% did not even know the emergency number (in Germany “112”).

In practical tests, just over half of those surveyed were unable to put someone in the recovery position [Read more…]

Red Cross First Aid Day

This coming Saturday the Red Cross is holding a “First Aid Day”, to make people aware of how important it is to keep first aid knowledge and skills up to date.

There will be an information stand in Oberursel at the corner of the Vorstadt and Kumeliusstraße between 10am and 2pm where people will be able to see if they still know how to stop a wound from bleeding or how to resuscitate a casualty.  They will also be able to find out when the next first aid courses in the area take place.


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