Find out more about the Bundestag at Oberursel’s town hall

A travelling exhibition about the work of the Deutscher Bundestag (the German parliament) is currently in Oberursel’s town hall.

It was opened on Thursday evening by local member of parliament Dr. Stefan Ruppert (MdB), who will also be talked to classes of schoolchildren about the work of parliament when they visit the exhibition which is open to the public until Tuesday, 28th May, 2013.  At other times a member of the parliament’s public relations corps will be on hand to answer questions.

In addition to the information on display, visitors also have a chance to take home a copy of the German constitution (“Grundgesetz”) and DVDs about the history of democracy in Germany and the Reichstag building, including one especially for children called “Politibongo”.

Dr. Stefan Ruppert (MdB) with Mayor Hans-Georg Brum in the town hall foyer

Dr. Stefan Ruppert (MdB) with Mayor Hans-Georg Brum in the town hall foyer


Dr. Stefan Ruppert answering questions in Oberursel

Dr. Stefan Ruppert (Member of Parliament) was in Oberursel today answering questions at the Bundestagsmobil.

Dr. Stefan Ruppert (MdB) answering questions at the Bürgersprechstunde

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