September: New signs for the town centre and the Shopping Lady

Hans-Georg Brum and Wolfgang Bräutigam with one of the new signs, inset: the Shopping Lady (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

New signs for Oberursel’s town centre were unveiled in September, to help visitors to the town find their way around better.

The signs show the way to the U-Bahn stations, the car parks and public buildings.  The are colour-coded so that places in the old town (“Altstadt”) are anthracite (dark grey) whereas others are blue.

Another new addition is the “Shopping Lady” (inset in the photo), an icon showing the way to the main shopping area and guiding visitors around it.

The photo shows the mayor of Oberursel Hans-Georg Brum and Citymanager Wolfgang Bräutigam with one of the new signs.

Obstwerk – Fruit for all occasions in the Ackergasse

A new shop opened in the Ackergasse in Oberursel yesterday: Obstwerk.

Obstwerk started out 3½ years ago in Ober-Eschbach providing services for corporate clients such as fruit baskets or catering for meetings.  However whilst still providing these services the business has now moved completely to Oberursel.

The shop offers fruit on a smaller scale for people in the town and is located directly opposite the Alt-Oberurseler Brauhaus.

Starting with just simple fresh fruit cut into bite-size pieces, the range also includes dried fruits, syrups, and Joghurtbecher [Read more…]

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