Rumble Strips to be added to the Kanonenstraße

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaIn the past months we have often reported on the speed traps that have been placed on the Kanonenstraße – the road that goes from the Hohemark at the northern end of Oberursel to the Sandplacken on the Feldberg.

Not only are cars and in particular motorcycles often caught here going up to 50 km/h too fast, but the road is also one of the worst accident blackspots in the area.

The accidents are often due to drivers taking the curves too fast and over-estimating their ability to control their vehicles, something that is a particular problem in the large curve known locally as the “Applausekurve”.

To try and reduce the number of accidents in this area the speed limit will be dropped to 50km/h and “rumble strips” installed.

The rumble strips – “Rüttelstreifen” in German – will be coloured and 1,5cm high, changing the way the road surface feels to the driver and causing them to drop their speed.

They are due to be installed between 10th and 12th September 2012, which may lead to delays on the road during that time.


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Graham Tappenden is a British ex-pat who first came to Oberursel in 1993 and returned with his family to live there in 2003. He has been writing for since 2006. When not writing blog posts or freelancing for the Oberurseler Woche he works as a self-employed IT consultant solving computer problems and designing websites. In 2016 he gained German citizenship.

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