District Office in Weißkirchen threatened with closure

Representatives from Weisskirchen handing a petition to Hans-Georg Brum and Christof Fink (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

The district office – Stadtteilbüro – in Weißkirchen is threatened with closure at the end of this year if funding to keep it open is not found.

Originally set up 2½ years ago as part of a project sponsored by the national office for migration and refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge), the office has one employee and offers a place to meet and activities for senior citizens, families, women and mothers.

Sponsorship of the project ends in August.  The town of Oberursel has agreed to provide funding to keep the office open until the end of the year which is located in the old town hall (Altes Rathaus).

The photo shows representatives of the initiative to keep the office open handing in a petition with 300 signatures to Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and Alderman Christof Fink, who have promised to look for a solution to the problem despite the difficult financial situation that the town is currently in.

150 road signs to be taken down

150 roadsigns are to be taken down in Oberursel

After consultation by the local police and traffic authorities, 150 road signs are set to be taken down in Oberursel due to changes in the traffic laws.

Residents who would like to suggest further signs to be taken down are also being encouraged to get in touch.

In the past year 50 new roadsigns were put up in the town, mainly due to changes in speed limits or the right-of-way.

The photo shows Joachim Witzel (left) of the town’s mobility and traffic department, Peter Schubert from the Hochtaunus police and head of the regional traffic service, Alderman Christof Fink and Bianca Noss (right), also a member of the Hochtaunus police and the regional traffic service with one of the signs that is due to be taken down.

Brunnenfest: Tapping the Barrel

Alderman Christof Fink tapping a barrel of beer to open the Brunnenfest (Fountain Festival) 2012 in Oberursel

Alderman Christof Fink tapping a barrel of beer to open the Brunnenfest (Fountain Festival) 2012 in Oberursel

Jugendtreff (Youth Club) Opening Ceremony in Oberstedten

Opening the Jugendtreff (Youth Club) in Oberstedten

The Jugendtreff (Youth Club) re-opened in Oberstedten this evening.  Alderman Christof Fink opened the proceedings with the organisers Jörg Spreier and Verena Herzberger.

More tomorrow in the Blog.

New organisation structure at Oberursel town hall

The town hall administration in Oberursel has been restructured to reflect the outcome of the last election for the town’s parliament.

Christof Funk - Hans-Georg Brum - Thorsten Schorr

Left: Alderman Christof Fink (Green party)

Centre: Mayor Hans-Georg Brum (SPD)

Right: Treasurer Thorsten Schorr (CDU)

There will be more about how the town administration is structured in a future blog post.

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