Flea Market at Frankfurt International School

A flea market is being held at Frankfurter International School on Saturday, 16th November, 2013 at 11am.

The market is a good chance to stock up on English language literature, picture books, and games, with the 50 stalls also selling clothing, toys, videos and DVDs.

The market will open until 3pm and proceeds will go to the organisation “Hopes and Homes for Children”.

Please note that the U-Bahn line U3 will not be running to “Waldlust” on Saturday but a replacement bus service will be in operation with trains terminating at “Kupferhammer”.

Apple festival at Frankfurt International School

Frankfurt International School will be holding their “Applefest” on Sunday, 20th October, 2013 between 12 noon and 4pm.

The Applefest is being organised by the Parent-Teacher-Group and is open to the public.  Pupils will be selling apple juice, cider, apple cake and international specialities for good causes that the school supports, amongst others in Kalahari and Poland.

There is no parking available at the school, so a shuttle bus will operate between the school and the Rolls Royce field, the Edeka car park in Camp King, the primary school in the Alfred-Lechler-Straße and the Hohe Mark clinic.

Visitors coming by train should take the U3 to “Waldlust”.

What did the Ausländerbeirat learn at FIS?

For all of the articles on this website that have criticised the work of the Ausländerbeirat in the past year, none caused such a stir as the one that appeared in the Taunus Zeitung after the last meeting at Frankfurt International School.

To be fair to the members of the Ausländerbeirat, the article makes no mention of the questions from teachers and parents that were answered, no mention of the tour of the school, and in fact does not even mention that the meeting even took place there.  All it does it criticise the formal part of the meeting for many of the things that I have written about in the past.

It was one of the first things to be discussed when the committee met this week, and one of the lessons learnt was that they should work more closely with the town hall press office, rather than doing their own thing.

Generally, though, the members of the committee found the outing to FIS a positive experience and plan to hold a meeting there in future at least once a year. [Read more…]

Mark E. Ulfers Leadership Award 2013

Each year at their annual Worldfest, Frankfurt International School award the “Mark E. Ulfers Leadership Award” to an individual who has made an impact on the school community through his or her leadership.  This can be a faculty or staff member, a student or a parent.

The award in 2013 went to Kenny Macaulay, who spent five years at the school.

During those years he was involved in numerous ways in improving the level of cooperation and collaboration among the faculty and the administration, such as the establishment  of the Sports Management Group.  He showed strong leadership with parents and students going beyond the day-to-day coaching and athletics organisation.  He worked on a strategy entitled “We will develop and implement plans to improve the physical, social and emotional well-being of all FIS community members”.  And finally, we were told, his leadership extends beyond FIS.  He is a leading member of the ISST Executive Committee that coordinates top level varsity spots tournaments throughout Europe.

Dr. Paul M. Fochtman (left) and Dr. Michael McKay (right) with Alex Macaulay

Dr. Paul M. Fochtman (left) and Dr. Michael McKay (right) with Alex Macaulay

As Kenny Macaulay was unable to attend the Worldfest, the award was accepted on his behalf by his wife, Alex Macaulay.  It was presented by Dr. Paul M. Fochtman, Head of School, and Dr. Michael McKay, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


Frankfurt International School – Worldfest Photos

Photos of the stands taken at the Worldfest on Sunday, 5th May, 2013:

(Click to enlarge)

When the Ausländerbeirat visited the FIS…

It was a meeting of the Ausländerbeirat like no other that I have visited until now.  Not only where all the members of the foreigners’ sub-committee present for the entirety of the meeting, but 16 guests turned up as well.

Admittedly those 16 included the press and members of the town council, with all of the parliamentary groups except the CDU represented, but at least half were simply members of the public who had come along to see the committee in action and to pose their questions.

The reason for such interest in a committee whose guests don’t normally make it into double figures was very likely due to the meeting place: Frankfurt International School. [Read more…]

Ausländerbeirat to meet at Frankfurt International School

The Ausländerbeirat (foreigners’ sub-committee) are going out into the community next Monday and will be holding their meeting at Frankfurt International School at the northern end of Oberursel.

The meeting starts at 6pm and guests are welcome.

However, the newly introduced “question time” session at the beginning of the meeting is not on the agenda currently available on the town’s homepage.  This appears to be an administrative error and it will be up to the members of the committee to add it back onto the agenda if they wish to do so.  It would be pretty embarrassing for them if a lot of guests attend and they decided not to…

Making progress at the Ausländerbeirat

No one visiting the Ausländerbeirat this week was left in any doubt that things are going to be different, something the chairman Franz Zenker made very clear at the beginning of the committee’s meeting.

But his good intentions almost came to a halt when one of the other committee members asked to move the second item on the agenda (“minutes of the last meeting”) to the non-public part of the meeting, or hold the non-public part first.  Considering how long the non-public part actually took later on, it may have quicker to have just done one of those two rather than discuss the possibilities.

In the end, and after much discussion, the agenda was not changed but the approval of the non-public part of the minutes was moved to the non-public part of the meeting.

Moving on to the integration monitoring report and the ominous question of who had actually read it, the change that Franz Zenker had talked about became very clear. [Read more…]

Plans for the FIS extension on-line

The B455 bridge between the two halves of the FIS campus.

The B455 bridge between the two halves of the FIS campus.

The plans (Bebauungsplan) for the extension of Frankfurt International School (FIS) are now on public display at the town hall in Oberursel in the Info-Center on the 4th floor of Building A, and also on-line on the town’s website.

The address to view them is:


Any comments or objections must be submitted by 31st August, 2012.

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