Police appeal for help finding missing person

Detectives in Bad Homburg are asking the public for help to find Inge Betti Barthel who has been missing for a week.

Frau Barthel, who normally lives in Erlangen, was last seen near the Feldberg.  Her VW Bus with the registration number ER-E 4926 was found on Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017 around 12 noon in the woods at the “Albrechtsweg” by an employee of the regional forestry authority, near  the “Fuchstanz” restaurant.  This part of the woods is within the bounds of Oberursel.

According to witnesses, she was on her way to the “Altkönig”, a popular place for walkers located between Oberursel and the Feldberg.

Frau Barthel is 1.60m tall and has black/grey medium length curly hair, but there are no details of her clothes available.

Anyone with information is requested to call Bad Homburg police on 06172 1200. [Read more…]

61-year-old missing person

Christiane RuhlPolice are asking for assistance in finding Christiane Ruhl, a 61-year-old resident of “Haus Altkönig” in Oberursel.

She was last seen on Monday, 27th October, 2014 at 4pm by an employee of the kiosk “Am Rahmtor/Schulstraße”.

Frau Ruhl is 1.60m tall, of normal build and has short dark hair with grey strands in it.  She is reported to be disoriented and in danger of suffering from an epileptic fit.  As such, she requires urgent medical assistance and medication.

The photo shows Frau Ruhl in 2006, although her appearance has changed somewhat since then.  She currently does not wear glasses and her teeth are said to be in a considerably worse condition.  Her general appearance is described as unkempt.

Anyone who has seen her is asked to call detectives in Bad Homburg on 06172 1200.

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