Regionalpark Open

The “Regionalpark Open” was held in Oberursel on Sunday, 2nd September 2012.

Visitors had the chance to try out Pedelecs and Segways, and competitions were held to carry removal boxes on bicycles and for schools to build vehicles that were powered by water.

The Big Regionalpark Weekend

Regionalpark Parcours auf der RundrouteIt’s going to be a big weekend this coming weekend in the so-called “Regionalpark RheinMain”, with events taken place between the Mainspitze where the Main flows into the Rhein and Hanau, and with Oberursel playing a key role.

Linking up all the places along the route is the “Regionalpark Rundroute” which was opened almost exactly a year ago, whilst the idea of the “Regionalpark” has been around a lot longer, and has been supported since 1997 by the Fraport AG – the company that runs Frankfurt’s airport.

The park itself is a network of paths for walking or cycling that enable access to much of the region’s countryside, with lots of things to see and do in the area outside of the larger towns.

Here is a selection of the events taking place around Oberursel:

  • Horse-drawn carriages will be offering rides between the agricultural display at the U-Bahn station “Weißkirchen-Ost” (U3) and the Maize Maze (€1.50 per trip, 11am-7pm), from where it is also possible to take a ride to the Krebsmühle. [Read more…]

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