Even in the rain the woods can be fun

The Waldfest in Oberursel traditionally takes place on the last Saturday of the school holidays, which in this year fell on the 12th of August.  Regular visitors will have found lots of familiar faces and activities from previous years.  Bernd Peppler and Liisa Inkinen were there with their birds of prey “Ukko” the eagle owl and “Pekko” the harris hawk.  There were stands to learn about bees, and nature quiz and of course the pond observations.  There were guided tours through the woods, as well as coffee, cakes, salads and the barbeque.

But there were also a lot of new things, starting with the opening at 12 noon which was carried out this year by the vice-chairman of the Schulwald supporters: Thorsten Schorr, who explained to the guests what other new things they could expect. [Read more…]

Another successful Waldfest

The last weekend of the summer holidays traditionally sees the “Waldfest” take place in an area of the woods in Oberursel known as the “Schulwald”.

There was even cause for a small celebration this year, as Hochtaunuskreis District Councillor Uwe Kraft (CDU) explained to the guests.  20 years ago, it was realised that there were 45 different types of tree growing within a relatively small space.  The Schulwald came into being out in order to allow the schools in the town access to the area, and even then one of the factors considered was that it should not burden the town’s finances.

To make sure that didn’t happen, a supporters’ charity (“Förderverein”) was set up and their chairman Dieter Rosentreter even travelled up from Bavaria for the event on Saturday.  As he greeted the guests, he emphasised that the day is held for the children who come. [Read more…]

Two events for families this weekend

This weekend sees two events take place in Oberursel that are aimed at families with children, and both a free to go to!

On Saturday (6th September, 2014) the “Schulwald” will hold its annual “Waldfest” from 11am until 6pm.  Children will have the chance to make things from natural materials, find out about animals that live in the area and also be able to make things out of wood with the on-site carpenter.  In the afternoon they will also be able to pan for gold.

Food and drink will be on offer, along with tours through the forest and music from the Ober-Erlenbach hunting horn band. [Read more…]

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