And finally… the small matter of the Straßenbeitragssatzung

There is one topic in Oberursel that has probably been discussed more than anything else this year.  If not, then it is at least on par with the new swimming pool and the re-development of the station area.  And yet, unlike those other two subjects, it is one that is not so easy to understand.

It is the “Straßenbeitragssatzung“.

The amount of interest in this particular topic was demonstrated in August, when a Bürgerversammlung was held in the Stadthalle to inform members of the public about it and also to hear their views.  So many people turned up, that the start of the evening was delayed for safety reasons and the partition wall was removed from the hall to increase the capacity – something that even those on the stage confirmed has never happened before – not even for the evening about the swimming pool! [Read more…]

From the Ausländerbeirat….

The meeting of the Ausländerbeirat on Monday, 17th June, 2013, was anything less than spectacular. In fact, the most interesting item on the agenda was the introduction of the new “Geschäftsführer” for the committee, Thomas Eifert, who liaises with the town hall and who also cleared up the confusion that had been circulating about how many hours he works each week for the committee.

The answer for the record: 15½ hours per week, of which 4½ are directly for the committee work, 8 for consultation appointments and 3 for work on the town’s integration concept.

Maybe with 3 hours per week over the coming months working on it, that concept may be discussed at one of the committee meetings sometime this year? The integration news this week was limited mainly to the information about the Windrose e.V. moving into the newly renovated signal box opposite the station.

It was an evening when a lot of items could be summarised as “none”. Apart from the question about the working hours, there were no questions from the public. There were no messages from the town’s executive, and no messages from the Geschäftsführer other than his introduction. [Read more…]

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