Get on your bike and… go shopping!

With fresh snow on the ground and in some places still falling perhaps going shopping in Oberursel by bicycle was not the most pressing topic for many people last Sunday when the ADFC held their “Tag des Fahrrads” in the Stadthalle.

Over 400 people attended the event – significantly down on the 1,000 that had visited the previous year.

And yet shopping was one of the main topics this year and a debate on the very subject of going shopping by bicycle in Oberursel was held with the chairman of the forum for the self-employed (Fokus-O), Michael Reuter, the Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, Stefan Opitz from the project “” in Darmstadt and local cyclist Helga Hett. [Read more…]

Tag des Fahrrads – The Day of the Bicycle

Sunday, 24th February, 2013 sees the return of “Oberursel fährt ab – Tag des Fahrrads” – an event organised by the town itself in co-operation with the ADFC.

Billed as a “bicycle and tourism fair”, the Stadthalle will play host to a combination of presentations, discussions, and a selection of stands from local dealers and tourism outlets.

The fair open at 11am, with a flea market for used bicycles taking place between 11.30am and 12.30pm.  Bicycles for sale have to be registered in advance on [Read more…]

Day of the bicycle – “Oberursel fährt ab”

Oberursel fährt ab 2012Sunday, 26th February, 2012 is the “Day of the Bicycle” (Tag des Fahrrads) in Oberursel.

Some residents may remember similar events being held on the Epinayplatz, but this year it has been re-styled and is being held between 11am and 5pm in the Stadthalle.  It is being organised by the town of Oberursel and the ADFC.

Entry costs €2, with free entry for children under 13.

There will be presentations on cycling in the Taunus and Rhein-Main areas, using GPS, e-bikes, and one highlight will be the debate in the afternoon on using bicycles to get to school.

According to the ADFC, only 10% of children in Germany use a bicycle to get to school.  Taking part in the debate at 2pm will be representatives from the Kreis, the town, the ADFC, the police and at least one headmaster.

Local bicycle dealers will be exhibiting during the day, and at 11.30am there will also be a selection of used bicycles on offer.  Other exhibitors will be showing how to play a cycle tour, both in the area and further afield, and visitors will also be able to learn more about the ADFC itself.

Finally, visitors will have the chance to have their bicycles “coded”, meaning that if they are stolen they can be identified by the police and returned to their rightful owners.

The Fahrradkodierung costs €13 and in addition to the bicycle itself, proof of identity (eg. ID card of passport) and ownership (eg. the receipt) are required.  The price also includes entry to the event.

For an additional €3 a new system called Fahrradkodierung 2.0 will also be available.  A special sticker is attached to the frame, which can be scanned using a smartphone.  The phone then shows whether or not the bicycle has been reported as stolen, without showing the details of the owner.

Further details (in German) and exact times for the presentations can be found of the website:

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