Christmas Market in Oberursel 2012

The Christmas Market in Oberursel was opened on Thursday, 29th November, 2012 by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, accompanied by the Fountain Queen Vanessa I, City Manager Wolfgang Bräutigam, Fountain Master Harry Hecker, Treasurer Thorsten Schorr, Alderman Wilfried Abt and Council Chairman Dr. Christoph Müllerleile.

The market stretches from the Rathaus through the Vorstadt and Strackgasse to the Marktplatz.

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Ask the people what they want!

Last month in Oberursel the draft version of the town’s budget for the year 2013 was published, including the details of how it will need to spend more than it earns in taxes and other fees.

It is clear that savings need to be made and a “Haushaltssicherungskonzept” needs to be developed.  But where can the town raise taxes or cut services without alienating the population?

That is probably one of the most difficult questions that a town administration faces, so maybe that is the reason why – for the first time – the town’s residents where invited to a “Bürgerversammlung” at the town hall to discuss precisely that. [Read more…]

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