Witnesses sought after accident in Lange Straße

Police in Oberursel are asking witnesses to come forward after an accident in the Lange Straße on Tuesday, 7th January, 2014 at around 6pm.

Apparently the a dark coloured Citroen Berlingo hit a silver car parked on the side of the road about 80m from the junction with the Homburger Landstraße, causing the left wing-mirror to be torn off.

The driver of the Citroen drove off without dealing with the damage, but atthe same time, the owner of the silver car has not come forward either.

Anyone with information that would help the police is asked to call 06171 62400.

Driver misinterpreted headlight flasher

An accident occured on the Feldbergstrasse last Friday (19th April, 2013) when an 18-year-old driver tried to back out an Audi of a parking space.

The 83-year-old driver of a Citroen was travelling along the road and turned on their full-beam headlights just before he reached the Audi, which the younger driver took to mean he was allowing her to leave the parking space.

The cars collided, causing €1,300 of damage.

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