Candles and torches for the Kiosk at the station

The group with torches and candles outside the kiosk.

Around 20 people gathered at the kiosk next to the U-Bahn platform at Oberursel’s main station this evening (Friday, 7th December, 2012), to once again light candles and torches and hold a vigil in protest over the decision to close the kiosk next Friday.

They will gather again as the kiosk closes for the last time at 5.30pm on Friday, 14th December.

Candles for the Kiosk

Candles for the Kiosk - 30th November, 2012

Around 20 people gathered at the kiosk at the U-Bahn station this evening, Friday, 30th November, 2012, to light candles and hold a vigil in protest over the decision to close the kiosk in two weeks time.

They intend to gather again next week at the same time, 5.30pm, and again on 14th December when the kiosk closes for the last time.

Road closures and parking restrictions during the wine festival

From Thursday 2nd until Monday 6th August 2012 the following road in Oberursel will be closed for the wine festival:

  • Eppsteiner Straße (between Ackergasse and Schulstraße, and between Weidengasse and Untere Marktplatzstraße)

There will be no stopping or parking allowed in the following streets:

  • Untere Marktplatzstraße
  • Marktplatz
  • Wiederholtstraße
  • Steinmühlenweg (between Altkönigstraße and the Rolls-Royce entrance)

The parking spaces in front of the Ferdinand-Balzer-Haus will not be available.

The Schlenkergasse will be temporarily made into a two-way street during this time.


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